Ab Mat


Acu Trigger


Back Roller


Balance Disc

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Dual Sphere


Foot Roller


Gel Balls

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Gym Mat

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Hand Rings


Ice Ball


Ice Roller


Ice Stick




TRNR has everything you need to optimise your results! A one-stop destination for all your workout essentials throughout your fitness journey, we offer a comprehensive selection of premium affordable fitness, yoga, Pilates, and recovery solutions - including resistance bands, pull-up bars, gym mats, wobble boards, water bags, foam rollers, massage balls, cold therapy tools, drink bottles, gym towels, and more.  Our products are carefully designed in-house to ensure they are as effective as aesthetic, while also being easy to use and long-lasting. We bring you expert experience to give you the inspiration you need to get fitter and feel better – inside and out. We strive to make it easier for you to look after your body and we understand that there is more than one way to learn and get motivated. Whether you prefer to watch exercise videos on our TRNR app or display our exercise posters in your home gym, we have you covered. Start exploring our equipment range now and take your fitness to the next level.