Balance Trainer


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Add the TRNR Balance Trainer to your training arsenal for a workout that is guaranteed to challenge you. This versatile piece of equipment can be used for core training, balance, whole-body strengthening, flexibility, and cardio. With a reversible design, it lets you vary the level of instability and mix up your routine for added motivation. For even more exercises targeting your upper body, you can purchase TRNR Strength Tubes X (from 3.4 kg up to 22.7 kg), Strength Bar X and Strength Handles X.



• Reversible design with dome side and flat underside (for added instability)
• Anti-burst dome construction and non-slip surface for added safety
• Phthalate and latex-free dome
• Robust, anti-skid underside

Sides can accommodate TRNR Strength Tubes X with TRNR Strength Bar X or Strength Handles X (sold separately)



• Balance Trainer
• Hand pump
• Exercise poster
• Free app