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All ab curl ab curl bent ab curl straight ab curl twist ab pike ab tuck abduction abductor stretch abductors ACADEMY X TRNR achilles adduction adduction double adductor plank adductors alternate arm lift alternate hamstrings anterior deltoids assisted extension back row BALANCE DISC Balance/Agility bat hang biceps biceps curl Biceps Curl Double biceps curl single biceps leg press box arm double box arm single box arms bridge calf calves chest chest expansion commando crawl criss cross curl back dart deltoid deltoids deltoids leg press dip dipping bird donkey kick double hamstring curl double leg lift double legs lift double shoulder raise extension extension Y-fly figure eight foam roller foot front shoulder raise press front stretch full wheel glute release glute stretch gluteal gluteals glutes hamstring hamstring curl hamstring double hamstring roll hamstrings hand squeeze hands handstand press heel hip flexors hip lift hips ICE ROLLER inner arch inner calf inner thigh intermediate deltoids kickback knee press Kneeling kneeling hinge L-sit L-sit hang lateral raise lats lower back lunge jump lunge kick MASSAGE SPHERE MASSAGE STICK/ICE STICK Massage/Recovery mercy mid back mountain climbers neck neck release oblique plank oblique tuck obliques outer arch outer thigh overhead extension overhead suspension pecs pectoralis pectorals pendulum peroneals PHYSIO BAND pike press up pinch with thumb index and little finger plank plank extension POWER BAND POWER STRAPS prone thoracic push up quadratus lumborum quadriceps quads recline squat reverse hand squeeze rhomboids roll up scissor arms seated back row seated extension shoulder press shoulder tap side lunge side plank side step squats side stretch side to side side transfer sides single arm row single leg lift single leg twist single shoulder raise sole arch soleus split jump squat Squat Jump squats standing hamstrings standing kickback standing obliques standing rotation standing rotator cuff standing side bend standing twist STRENGTH BAND STRENGTH GRIP Strength Training STRETCH BAND subscapularis supine extension supported extension supported grip with ring finger and little finger supported obliques suspended lunge suspended twist suspension suspension obliques TACTILE BALL TACTILE ROLLER temporalis TFL thoracic extension thoracic release 1 thoracic release 2 thread through thumb fingertip pinch thumb index finger pinch tibialis release traction 1 traction 2 trapezius triceps triceps kickback TRIGGER BALL TRNR CAMPAIGNS TRNR X SYDNEY KINGS TRNR | Empowered Mind & Body twist kick upper traps wood chop wrist extension wrist extensors wrist flexion wrist flexors wrist flexors and extensors YOGA BLOCKS YOGA MATS Yoga/Pilates