Ice Roller


Ice Ball


Ice Stick


Cold Therapy


Reach for these cold therapy massage tools whenever you need instant pain relief. Inspired from cryotherapy, the special encapsulated gel delivers a sustained cooling effect after just an hour left in the fridge. Using them is a breeze as they glide effortlessly on the skin. With three different shapes to choose from, you can be sure to find your match. Featuring non-slip handles located on both sides, the Ice Stick displays superior grip and added control to vary the level of muscle compression as desired. Extra-long, it lets you cover a wide muscular area while the curved design provides targeted muscle compression. The Ice Roller is built for handheld cooling and ergonomic comfort. You’ll find the steel barrel curvature ideal to easily contour muscles. Finally, the Ice Ball, our most compact cold therapy tool, is designed for targeted numbing and multidirectional massage on-the-go. The non-slip silicone cover insulates your hand to only deliver its cooling effect to specific tense spots of your body, where it’s needed. The steel ball can be easily released from its socket for a hands-free massage that you’ll find particularly useful to target areas like the feet.