Resistance bands


Resistance bands are an ideal addition to any home gym setup. Not only are they affordable, lightweight, and easy to store away, but they are also incredibly versatile and great for full-body strength training. Rather than relying on gravity, using resistance bands offers progressive tension that is easier on the joints and muscles, making them a great choice for those at risk of injury. From woven booty bands to long functional training resistance loop bands, latex Pilates bands to pull-up assistance bands, you can be sure to find just what you need. All our resistance bands feature a specific weight range and come in 5 colours, with each colour associated with a particular resistance level for easy selection across our range. Unsure which level is your best match? A low resistance with high reps will help you improve your endurance and body tone by targeting your slow-twitch muscle fibres, whereas a high resistance with low reps will challenge your power (combined strength + speed) and build muscle mass by targeting your fast-twitch muscle fibres. Anywhere in the middle, you’ll achieve a balance between endurance and power. It’s also worth mentioning that depending on the exercises you choose to perform, different resistance levels may be required.