Squat Band [X-Heavy]


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Feel the burn in your glutes, adductors, abductors, hamstrings, and quads with the TRNR Squat Band in X-Heavy. Featuring up to 27.2 kg of resistance, this woven loop band is our most challenging and will take your power to the next level. Built to last, the high-performance webbing incorporates both cotton and latex while displaying the weight rating in kilos and pounds so you can easily keep track of your performance. 



• X-Heavy resistance: recommended for speed + strength, high intensity and body sculpting
• Weight rating: 12.6 - 27.2 kg | 27.8 - 60 lb
• Great tool for those finding it hard to keep their knees inwards when squatting
• Hygienic - can be washed between sessions (separate gentle, cold hand wash)
• Engineered with hybrid blend and practically unbreakable
• No more bands curling up, sticking to the skin, or tearing apart
• Travel-friendly - no gym, no excuses



• Squat Band [X-Heavy] - black colour
• Exercise poster
• Free app