Squat Band [X-Light]


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The TRNR Squat Band was built for ultimate comfort and durability. Made from a special performance blend of cotton and latex, the intricate webbing lets you train without any distractions, and cleaning it is a breeze. This X-Light Squat Band features up to 6.1 kg worth of resistance and comes in a vibrant red colour that will brighten up any workout. It delivers gentle conditioning of hips, glutes, and thighs, making it ideal for warm-ups, mobility drills, or progressive rehabilitation post-injury/surgery.



• X-Light resistance: recommended for rehab, mobility and injury prevention
• Weight rating: 2.2 - 6.1 kg | 4.9 - 13.5 lb
• Eliminates the discomfort of bands gripping onto skin or hairs
• Intricate performance webbing reinforces the band, preventing it from curling up, sticking, and tearing
• Colour-coded and featuring weight equivalent for easy performance tracking
• Lightweight and compact for easy travels
• Washable for enhanced hygiene (separate gentle, cold hand wash)
• Suitable for beginners



• Squat Band [X-Light] - red colour
• Exercise poster
• Free app