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Built for targeted compression, the TRNR Acu Trigger enables you to effortlessly sustain pressure on specific points of your body by using your own weight. Suitable for both the upper and lower body, it can also be handheld for a more gentle approach. It is made from hypoallergenic and sustainable silicone so it's gentle on your skin. The closed-cell construction means it won't absorb perspiration, preventing bacteria growth and bad odours. You can wash your Acu Trigger with warm soapy water for maximum hygiene.



• Self-standing design for convenient use
• Pointy end ideal to target trigger points
• Surface with grooves for enhanced grip
• Made from high-density silicone for a firm massage
• Hypoallergenic and sustainable construction
• Can be easily washed in warm soapy water
• Light and compact design, easy to carry anywhere


• Acu trigger
• Exercise poster
• Free app