Accessories To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Accessories To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Fitness enthusiasts or gym sharks can often be seen lifting heavy weights to strengthen their arms, legs or chest muscles. However, the power to lift comes from your core, so developing core strength should be an important part of a well-rounded fitness regime. Your core muscles help you in everything from standing upright to walking and bending. Including core exercises in your fitness regime help improve balance, form and stability to make everyday life easier.

 Why strengthen core muscles?

 Core muscles are the central part of one's body. Your pelvis, lower back, hips and stomach constitute your core muscles. Strengthening your core muscles has multiple benefits and makes doing strenuous tasks easier. Weak muscles, on the other hand, will leave you prone to fatigue, poor posture, lower back pain, muscle injuries, etc.

You can use various accessories to strengthen your core muscles safely and effectively. Using accessories to build your muscles complement the primary exercises that are a part of your everyday fitness routine. Let's look at some balance and core strength accessories to improve your stability and balance and stay less prone to injuries.

1. TRNR Balance Disc 

TRNR Balance Disc is a spacious exercise platform that can strengthen multiple core muscles and helps you stay balanced. This accessory is ideal for beginners with little prior knowledge of disc-based exercises. TRNR Balance Disc is your stepping stone to building core strength and staying fit. 

 The disc activates your core muscles and improves balance. Additionally, the disc helps increase flexibility, and coordination, along with foot, ankle, knee and hip joint stability. The Balance Disc can be used while standing, kneeling or while lying down. 

 The TRNR Balance Disc has two textured designs; one side comes with pressure points that give an effect of a stimulating massage, and another with raised circular lines to prevent hands or feet from slipping off during exercises. 

The Balance Disc includes a hand pump, a free poster reminding you to stay focused on your goals and a free app.

2. TRNR Balance Trainer

 Up your fitness game and challenge yourself with our TRNR Balance Trainer! Benefits of using this accessory include intense core training, full-body strengthening, flexibility and cardio. The Balance Trainer comes with a reversible design with a dome side and flat under-side, enabling varied levels of instability, specially designed for challenging individuals. Due to this feature, the TRNR Balance Trainer is the perfect equipment for users of all levels.

3. TRNR Balance Board

 We designed TRNR's Balance Board product for those who love a challenge with advanced fitness levels. The board improves your core strength, joint stability and coordination for your whole body. 

 The Balance Board comes with a 360-degree rotation which lets you shift your weight towards any direction, adding an extra layer of challenge for exercises like squats, mountain climbers, lunges, planks and push-ups.  

The material used to create the board is top-quality wood with a non-skid surface that prevents unwanted injuries. With a unique octagon design, it allows ample room for your feet. Buy a TRNR Balance Board and acquire a free exercise poster and an app.  

 Your core muscles are at the core of your daily movements as they help you stand upright and allow us to twist and turn your body seamlessly. Thus, caring for your core muscles should be a top priority when following fitness routines.  

Fitness programs are only complete if they include extensive core strength exercises. Using equipment for your fitness ritual is important because it challenges and motivates you to accomplish your fitness goals faster and more efficiently. 

 Head to the TRNR website, pick a product that challenges you the most and turn fit with TRNR now!




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