Tactile Roller 30cm


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Roll away the pain in your upper or lower body with the 30 cm TRNR Tactile Roller. This firm massage roller showcases all-over pyramidal tips, offering an intense massage experience sure to satisfy even those with a high pain threshold. Use it to roll up and down the length of muscles by using your own body weight to sustain pressure. Your lower back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves will thank you for it.



• Length: 30 cm | Diameter: 13 cm
• Hyper tactile surface with all-over pyramidal tips
• Delivers an intense, stimulating massage
• Space-saving hollow core can accommodate a towel or water bottle
• Robust ABS internal structure and high-density EVA foam surface that withstands bodyweight pressure
• For upper & lower body self-myofascial release
• Helps unlock painful trigger points



• Tactile Roller 30cm
• Exercise poster
• Free app