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Engineered for endurance and agility, the TRNR Freestyle Rope enhances proprioception and speed control for easier rope manipulation. Featuring 360-degree anti-torque bearings, a thick stretch-resistant rope and custom non-slip handles, it provides superior comfort and can be easily resized to suit your goals and height with its convenient snap system. Flexible enough to perform crossing moves and equally forgiving for those who miss jumps, it is the perfect skipping rope for freestylers or beginners.



• Recommended to improve endurance and agility
• Suitable for freestylers and skipping rope beginners
• 360-degree anti-torque bearings for smooth wrist rotations
• 3 m adjustable rope to suit personal needs and heights
• Non-stretch rope properties with innovative inner string
• TRNR custom silicone handles with slick space grey metal end caps



• Freestyle rope
• Setup guide
• Free app