Traction Roller - Black


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Redefine the way you roll with enhanced traction and self-control. Suitable for beginner and experienced rollers alike, the TRNR Traction Roller delivers just the right amount of pressure for optimised results without undue stress. Engineered with a unique pattern and innovative anti-slip bands that grip most surfaces, it lets you hold pressure on pain points and mobilise soft tissues more effectively and safely. Ideal for use before and after physical activity to help alleviate muscle tension, restore mobility and improve blood flow.



• Custom design
• Dimensions: 33 cm (13") x 14.5 cm (5.7")
Composition: Premium EVA, ABS and silicone
• Enhances traction and soft tissue mobilisation
• Robust core and anti-slip bands laterally placed for enhanced adherence and control



• Traction Roller - Black
• Exercise poster
• Free app