Neo Mat 6 mm - Midnight Blue


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The TRNR Neo Mat, now Midnight Blue, is the ideal mat for those starting their yoga journey. Tailored for beginners, it blends comfort with stability through a textured surface that minimises slipping, enabling a focused and connected practice. Its unique feature is an adaptive grip that gets better with use, ensuring smoother pose transitions for a fluid yoga experience. Sized at 183 cm x 65 cm and 6 mm thick, the mat offers plenty of room for various poses and delivers exceptional support and cushioning. Constructed from durable material, it's built to last and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a dependable mat for any setting. Lightweight with a soft feel, it's easy to carry, thanks to the included strap. The Midnight Blue hue adds sophistication to your yoga essentials, signifying the mat's importance in your practice. More than just an accessory, the TRNR Neo Mat is a partner in growth, providing a stable base for every yoga session. Ideal for personal practice or group classes, it enhances your yoga journey, making each session more fulfilling.


• Measurements: 183 cm long, 65 cm wide, 6 mm thick
• Constructed with highly durable PVC material
• Ideal for use in studios or outdoors
• Grip quality enhances through continued practice
• Designed to be lightweight, providing a soft touch and excellent padding


• Neo Mat 6 mm - Midnight Blue
• Carry strap
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