Fusion Mat 4 mm - Midnight Blue


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Dive into your practice with the TRNR Fusion Mat in a new Midnight Blue variation, where each session transforms into an experience of unmatched comfort and unwavering stability. This mat transcends the ordinary, merging opulent design with eco-friendly principles, tailored for every yogi's path, from novice to master. Its superior vegan leather surface grants exceptional traction, ensuring stability for your hands and feet in both intense and calm practices. Below, the robust natural rubber foundation not only secures the mat in place but also delivers generous joint support, enhancing the comfort of your routines.

The TRNR Fusion Mat stands out for more than its practical benefits. It represents a choice towards sustainability, reflecting our dedication to high-quality, environmentally sound products. Equipped with a strategically placed mid-line, the mat serves as a personal alignment coach, aiding in the accuracy of each posture and movement. It's crafted to uplift your practice, merging cutting-edge innovation with the classic charm of conscientious craftsmanship. Step onto the TRNR Fusion Mat in its latest midnight blue hue, allowing it to fuel each movement with outstanding grip, unparalleled comfort, and a commitment to green design.


• Dimensions: 183 cm x 65 cm x 4 mm
• Combination of vegan leather and natural rubber
• Top layer of vegan leather offers excellent grip, effective in both wet and dry conditions
• Rubber base ensures mat stability and supports joints
• Midline to aid in proper pose alignment
• Suitable for yogis of all levels and various yoga practices


• Fusion Mat 4 mm - Midnight Blue
• Carry strap
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