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Step onto the TRNR Fusion Mat and immerse yourself in a practice that redefines comfort and stability. This isn't just a yoga mat; it's a fusion of luxury and sustainability, meticulously crafted for yogis at every stage of their journey. With its top layer fashioned from premium vegan leather, this mat offers unparalleled grip, ensuring your hands and feet stay in place, whether you're flowing through a sweaty vinyasa or holding a challenging pose in a dry session. Beneath this, a supportive natural rubber base not only anchors the mat firmly to the floor but also provides ample cushioning for your joints, making every practice a comfortable experience.

But the TRNR Fusion Mat goes beyond just functionality. It's an eco-conscious choice, embodying our commitment to premium quality and environmental responsibility. The addition of a carefully positioned mid-line on the mat acts as your guide, helping to improve your alignment and enabling you to execute each pose with precision and grace. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your yoga journey, this mat is designed to elevate your practice, blending innovation with the timeless appeal of ethical luxury. Embrace the TRNR Fusion Mat, and let it inspire every move with its superior grip, comfort, and eco-friendly design.


• Dimensions: 183 cm x 65 cm x 4 mm
• Combination of vegan leather and natural rubber
• Top layer of vegan leather offers excellent grip, effective in both wet and dry conditions
• Rubber base ensures mat stability and supports joints
• Midline to aid in proper pose alignment
• Suitable for yogis of all levels and various yoga practices


• Fusion Mat 4 mm - Mint
• Carry strap
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