Fusion Mat 4 mm - Black


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Experience the TRNR Fusion Mat, innovatively designed for yoga enthusiasts seeking both stability and comfort. This unique mat combines the durability of natural rubber with the sleek finish of vegan leather, catering to all levels of yoga practice. The vegan leather top layer ensures a non-slip surface for both wet and dry conditions, offering unparalleled grip and safety during your sessions.

Beneath, the natural rubber base firmly anchors the mat to any surface, providing substantial support for your joints and enhancing your overall yoga experience. The Fusion Mat is not only about superior functionality but also about promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle. Its construction from eco-friendly materials underscores a commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality.

Additionally, the mat features a central alignment line, a thoughtful addition that aids in perfecting pose positioning and enhancing practice precision. With the TRNR Fusion Mat, you're not just investing in a yoga mat; you're elevating your entire practice with a product that blends environmental responsibility with exceptional performance.


• Dimensions: 183 cm x 65 cm x 4 mm
• Combination of vegan leather and natural rubber
• Top layer of vegan leather offers excellent grip, effective in both wet and dry conditions
• Rubber base ensures mat stability and supports joints
• Midline to aid in proper pose alignment
• Suitable for yogis of all levels and various yoga practices


• Fusion Mat 4 mm - Black
• Carry strap
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