The Complete Guide On Strength Training With Resistance Bands

The Complete Guide On Strength Training With Resistance Bands

People generally associate strength training with lifting weights in the gym. While this is a good way to build muscle and strength in your body, it is not the only way. Just like dumbbells, resistance bands or resistance tubes help you develop your physique in many ways. This particular accessory has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts in recent years as a means to put on some muscle. From seasoned gym veterans to beginners, everybody likes to exercise with these large “rubber bands” as they are very versatile as well as effective.

What are resistance bands?

Rather than relying on gravity, using resistance bands offer progressive tension, which make them gentle on your joints and less likely to cause injury while having a similar effect on your bodyas that of conventional gym equipment.

Resistance bands are a great choice to engage your upper body, lower body and even core. They are available in different sizes and colours, which offer different levels of resistance. TRNR brings to you a wide range of resistance bands that prove to be a great addition to your workout routine. We offer Squat Bands, Strength Bands, Physio Bands, Power Bands and Stretch Bands that you can choose from depending on your fitness regime.

Squat Bands are useful for conditioning your hips, glutes, and thighs, while Strength and Power Bands can be used to perform a range of exercises that target your upper body, lower body and trunk. For athletes who are recovering from an injury and are undergoing a rehabilitation program, Physio Bands and Stretch Bands are very useful as they allow you to target specific muscles of your body that need recovery. 

Who can benefit from resistance bands?

Resistance bands cater to the needs of absolute beginners as well as seasoned athletes who wish to build strength in their muscles and joints. Even senior citizens can make use of these bands to tackle the natural wear and tear of their muscles and joints that comes with age. By opting for light resistance bands and then slowly shifting towards thicker and tighter bands, seniors can build considerable strength in their muscles to lead a healthy life.

Athletes can make the most of these bands by using them for therapy or for taking their workout routine up a notch. Resistance bands help build flexibility in your body whilst toning your muscles. Thus, by adding resistance band workouts to their routine, athletes can see significant progress in their performance over time.

What type of exercises can you perform using resistance bands?

The types of exercises that you do while using resistance bands is only limited by your imagination. Their stretchable nature allows you to use them for performing a myriad of exercises like:

  • Squats
  • Biceps Curls
  • Triceps Extension
  • Chest Press
  • Leg Curls
  • Pull Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Seated Rowing

and many more….

You can easily do a full-body workout using these bands or you can use them to target specific muscles of your body. In other words, the variations are limitless once you get started with these resistance bands.

How do I know which resistance band to choose?

Your choice of a resistance band will depend on the exercise you choose, your strength, and your fitness goal. Challenging exercises like front shoulder raises usually requires you to go one resistance level down from your usual band of choice for example. Therefore, it’s often a great idea to have a selection of various resistance levels to choose from. A low resistance with high reps will help you improve your endurance and body tone by targeting your slow-twitch muscle fibre, whereas a high resistance with low reps will challenge your power (combined strength + speed) and build muscle mass by targeting your fast-twitch muscle fibre. Anywhere in the middle, you’ll achieve a balance between endurance and power.

Resistance bands are a great addition to your weekly training regime as they offer you a way out from the same old routine of lifting weights to build muscle strength. A workout done using these bands is more engaging as compared to traditional workouts. Moreover, these bands are lightweight and compact, so you can carry them on the go to ensure that you never miss out on exercise, even when you are travelling.

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