Top 4 Tools For Occupational And Physical Hand Therapy

Top 4 Tools For Occupational And Physical Hand Therapy


Hand therapy can be defined as the art and science of evaluating and treating numerous medical conditions of the upper extremity (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand). This therapy includes a wide range of techniques and exercises that help you regain optimal function in your hands gradually.

There are multiple non-invasive tools that can be used for hand therapy. However, identifying the right therapeutic tool that can address the different needs of the user like regaining fine motor skills or eliminating the discomfort in daily activities can be difficult at times. To make things easy for you, we bring you a list of four such tools that are ideal for occupational as well as physical hand therapy. Let’s take a quick look at this list:

1. Hand Flexors

These Hand Flexors from TRNR are a great choice to develop your grip strength and finger-forearm mobility. The anatomical design optimizes functional movement patterns, helping you strengthen the extensor and flexor muscles running from your elbow to your fingers. TRNR has made these flexors using silicone that imparts durability and hypoallergenic nature. This pack of three Hand Flexors has different resistance levels – from light to heavy, such that you can use the one that challenges your muscles perfectly.

2. Gel Balls

These grip strengthening balls from TRNR can be used for reflex exercises or even as stress relief balls. These Gel Balls are perfect for crushing, pinching, and finger extension exercises or for targeting the flexor and extensor muscles of the hand and forearm. The gel construction of these balls makes them very durable and convenient to use. These Gel Balls come in a pack of three with a light, medium, and heavy resistance, thereby allowing you to progress at your own pace. You can use these balls to restore hand and forearm mobility or to improve fine and gross motor skills. 

3. Strength Grip

The TRNR Strength Grip comes with a resistance dial spanning from 10kgs to 40kgs, thus offering you plenty of room to progress and further challenge yourself. This grip exerciser comes with a non-slip grip and features a durable construction which makes it perfect for regular use. This hand therapy tool is designed to target flexor and extensor muscles from the tip of the finger to the elbow. In other words, you can use it for progressive hand, wrist and forearm training.

4. Hand Rings

The TRNR Hand Rings come in a pack of two, with a light resistance for rehabilitation work and a heavy resistance for a focus on sports performance. This versatile hand therapy tool can be used for crushing and pinching exercises as well as for finger extension exercises. These Hand Rings can be used to increase your grip strength to up your gameplay or to recover from an injury or operation and regain full hand mobility. The TRNR Hand Rings come in a pack of two, wherein the light resistance ring can be used for rehabilitation work and the heavy resistance ring can be used for focusing on sports performance. 

Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to improve your hand and forearm strength, our range of hand therapy tools can provide the support you need to replicate functional movement patterns. Moreover, these tools are easy to clean and can be used anywhere, thereby making them a great choice for hand therapy on the go.

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